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Jennifer Marchand


Jennifer Marchand is an EMDRIA consultant and trainer, a Registered Canadian Art Therapist, and trauma-sensitive yoga practitioner working internationally. She currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and continues to provide online EMDR therapy to clients living in primarily non-Western settings, including humanitarian aid workers, expatriates, health professionals, and survivors of sexualized violence. A pioneer and advocate for online EMDR, she shifted her entire practice to online in 2018 to have greater access to clients living in locations without specialized in-person trauma services.

She continues to work as a trainer and consultant for Trauma Institute & Child Trauma Institute, as well as for an international women's rights organization in Germany as a trauma trainer specializing in gender-based violence in conflict-affected settings, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Jennifer opened a private practice in Hanoi, Vietnam where she was also a clinical consultant for Blue Dragon, a Vietnamese organization working with survivors of human trafficking. Before working internationally, she held a five year position working with Indigenous individuals, families and communities affected by sexual violence, complex trauma and generational trauma, which strongly shaped her approach to intercultural work.

Jennifer Marchand
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